Exactly one month ago today just after two in the afternoon, I woke up in intensive care at the U of L Trauma Center, with a ventilator tube down my throat. Meningitis, caused by a common cold virus almost took me off the planet. MANY people, known and unknown, near and distant, covered me in prayer. At a critical moment, My God intervened and healed me, completely!!!!!!

Today, just after two in the afternoon, I sat before an infectious disease doctor my ENT Surgeon had referred me to, who said to me, “you don’t look like a meningitis patient.” and “I have looked over your results for the third and fourth times and see nothing to treat you for. There is no infection, bacterial or viral in your body and you have been given thorough testing.”

I had just told the kind nurse that I was there today, for the doctor to confirm what I already knew to be true, that there was no infection in my body. I KNEW there was nothing to be healed, only God to be revealed when I went into the MRI machine, a week ago FRIDAY. I knew, I just wanted man’s verification so that when I told the story later, there would be those who could verify my truth. God healed and restored me and I can prove it by the use of the very best of modern man’s medical technology!!!! I am now prone to break out in tears of joy and fits of laughter in appreciation for the blessing of my life. God is Good. I am willing and eager to serve.