It is an overcast Monday morning, riding TARC, I’m headed to the gym, to change what I do not like about me right now, my weight. I am a peaceful passenger, a protected, praying servant, on the ground, with My Mobile Meditation flowing into my ear. This Spotify playlist contains, as the description declares, “the songs that get me through, whatever I am going through”. The 140+ songs in this playlist are an accurate reflection of who I really am and the life I choose to live; the song I listened to as I gave birth to my Joy, 28 years ago is there. It has everything from The TriCity Singers to Tupac and Sweet Honey in the Rock to Lil Kim. Set always to The beauty of this playlist is how the most appropriate song will begin to play – at just the right moment for what is going on in my life at the time, so right, that it reminds me of my connection to my God. Walking out the door jamming to Bruno Mars and then hearing Fred Hammond singing “Jesus Be a Fence Around Me” as I step onto the bus reminds me of my Holy Ghost protection as I move through the city. It is also amazing on long-distance road trips, now that I think about it.

I move with the consciousness of God drops. I recently sent this definition to a favored pastor-friend “God drop: The bursts of residual energy left in the wake of a Godly person’s movements. This energy produces feelings of joy, peace, and optimism in those who pass through this person’s energy field. Some people, you, can make people feel better just by being present. Your mere presence is a gift from God. Move today with assurance that you are a blessing to those whose path you cross.” Never did I consider the words also applied to me. Until today, now.

More and more I am becoming aware of my own personal power to affect positive change in the world around me. As I move through the city I pray for the people around me as they travel on their journeys. I send them positive energy as I glance at them. I pray for the TARC drivers and those who work to keep these buses clean and moving. Thank you for your service. Because I am grateful that they allow me to move freely; it may take up more time than driving a car, but I can move by my own choice without discussion with anyone – which is my personal preference. My intent in my movement is to have as many positive exchanges as possible, exchanges that cause others to feel better, about themselves. For example, when I see or experience someone doing their job well, I tell them. If this is not their best day on the job, I pray for them. No judgment, just prayer. When faced with lower energy implosions, I practice what I teach; Bless It/Them and Let It/Them Go. As that is my way, holding on the negative energy will drain me and make me uncomfortable on my journey. I do not allow other’s low energy state of being to disturb my peace, I bless them and let God handle them. Whenever I say to a person, “Have a Blessed day,” I mean it, from my heart and soul. I really am asking My God to step in and bless this person, right now, and real good!! I NEVER consciously waste my ability to be a blessing to someone else.

Erica, at Planet Fitness!!! What a blessing!! She complimented my phone case and made my day. Her words to me, have encouraged me to continue with my plan to sell my crochet items on the website I am working on.


The symbol in the background of this page is the Reiki Power Symbol, Choku Rei, it means: “Place the power of the universe here”