I am 

I was Created to Serve, I am Called to Mother.

I am a

on a joyous journey, Home.

Peaceful Greetings, 
I am Yejide, (Yeh-Jee-Day) – a Servant Mother. I choose to live my life helping 18 – 25-year-old women to graduate from college and become *self- sufficient, using the power of God. I dream of wallpapering a mansion, in Old Louisville, with college degrees. I currently have three degrees on display in my space, I want more. I want to go home to a place I call Nyleve’s Haven and live in service. I need help to make that happen, hence, this Mobile Meditation. Thank you for giving my dream, your consideration.

In 2001, I began the services of Nyleve’s Haven Empowerment Community (The Haven) in my home, with the desire to help *one young woman, with no safe place to call home, stay in school and graduate from the University of Louisville. The space became a hangout spot for other young women seeking a safe place to be and a community evolved.

Externally, The Haven combines the principals of Servant Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship with the structure and function of a family. Internally, it is a group of healing women seeking personal peace through emotional and Spiritual consciousness, a college education and/or entrepreneurial success and **self-sufficiency.

In an effort to grow and serve more young women, My Daughter’s Foundation, Inc. was created and incorporated in 2013, with Nyleve’s Haven as a core service component. Nyleve’s Haven offers a homeless young woman a key and access to the resources of home, such as healthy daily meals, laundry facilities, cleaning supplies and the protection of a conscious family unit, headed by a Spiritually conscious Servant Mother. Daughters enter an agreement with me, the Servant Behind Nyleve’s Haven, which includes that upon graduation, she will present a copy of her degree for permanent display at The Haven.

In 2016, two graduates presented their degrees and in 2017, three daughters obtained self-sufficiency and relocated to their own spaces in the city. During 2016 and 2017 there were a total of seven daughters, between the ages of 19 and 25 and 1 minor child, in residence at Nyleve’s Haven.

Since July 28, 2017, residential services are suspended until I generate the funds to acquire a larger, permanent location and meet component costs.
 *The first Haven daughter has obtained her Master’s Degree, is a business owner employed, as an educator, by the Jefferson County Public School System. **MDF, Inc. in part defines Self-sufficiency as consistently and comfortably earning enough legitimate (taxable) income so as to not be eligible for government assistance. 
My intent is to continue to serve young women who are willing to do the necessary work, to get on their feet, without having to compromise their dignity and allow them to freely receive without the pressure of a program deadline. There is no, and never will be, any charge to residents for the services of Nyleve’s Haven. Following are the planned core components of Nyleve’s Haven, my dream female empowerment community.  

Nyleve’s Haven

Nyleve's Haven

An LGBTQ affirming residential environment for up to 12 young women between the ages of 18 and 25.

More about The Haven

The goal of this component is to provide a healthy, secure and empowering residential environment for young women, in critical need to receive familial support, complete a college education and gain self-sufficiency. The Haven uses the tools of Consciousness, Education, Entrepreneurship and Technology to empower young women to self-sufficiency.    Full implementation of this component will create three full-time professional positions.

Personal Peace Process

Personal Peace Process

The component’s goal is to provide life coaching assistance to address daughter’s specific personal projects or general conditions in life.

More about The Personal Peace Process
The Personal Peace Process is a six-step process that can be used in every area of life to promote personal peace. The PPProcess focuses on an individual’s level of consciousness and state of being as they navigate their life. Through conversations, tools and exercises daughters call forth and practice the awareness of how they are being in life and evolve into the beingness that they choose. The Personal Peace Process Steps are: 

    Be Still
    Be Conscious
    Be Honest
    Be Kind
    Be Responsible 
    Be Willing to Serve

Haven Home-school Environment

Haven Home-school Environment

The goal of this component is to provide a holistic child-centered educational space

about The Haven Home-school . . .
Based on the Montessori model of education which is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. There is limited screen time in this space. This space, along with all of  The Haven environment, is designated a violence-free, no-hit zone.
This component will create one full-time professional position.

E P T Center

Entrepreneurial & Professional Technology Center

(Giving Birth to our Future) A broadband connected computer and technology center with regular DaughtersWhoCode & GoodiesWhoCode sessions.

about The E P T Center . . .
The goal of this component is entrepreneurial and professional independence. A state of the art computer center with high-speed internet access is the essence of this component. MDF, Inc. is committed to bringing cutting-edge equipment; exceptional computer training; quality professional software and extensive exposure to the varied opportunities available in the field of technology to female spirits. Professionals from all areas of expertise in the field of technology will be recruited to mentor. The EPT Center will encourage and empower daughters to be not only savvy users of technology but creators and designers of emerging technology.
This component will create two full-time professional positions.

ACE Rites Of Passage Experience

ACE Rites Of Passage Experience

(ACE-ROPE: Empowering Spiritually Conscious, Culturally Committed Female Spirits) for 7-18-year-old females with weekly sessions.

about ACE-ROPE . . .
The goal of this component is to provide opportunities for young women, 7 – 18, to prepare to become responsible, thinking, caring, self-sufficient women who have a healthy respect for themselves, their family and community. The ACE-ROPE is an agreed upon set of guidelines, activities, tasks, and trials which minor daughters must successfully master in order to bring them into mature, responsible ways of thinking and behaving. Upon completion of the program daughters will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Spiritual well being;
  • Demonstrate internal reasons for delaying sexual activity;
  • Encourage, support and assist fellow female spirits in the life process;
  • Demonstrate both personal and collective community pride;
  • Demonstrate peaceful conflict management skills;
  • Demonstrate strategies for successful money and time management;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to servant-leadership;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of and seek self-sufficiency;
  • Appreciate the intrinsic value of higher education.

Haven Creation Room Experience

Haven Creation Room Experience

A fully stocked craft room

about The Creation Room

 The goal of this component is to create and maintain an environment that stimulates, supports and nurtures the creative intelligence of the female Spirit. The Haven Creation Room Experience will provide entrepreneurial opportunities and generate a revenue stream for residents and Nyleve’s Haven. Initial funding is to purchase raw materials and start-up inventory and stock. Within the Creation Room there will be equipment and supplies to create and produce the following:

    Key Chains
    Oil Burners
    Fragrance Oils
    Meditation Stones

This component will create one full-time retail position.

Braid & Natural Hair Center

Braid & Natural Hair Center

A two sink-two chair Braid & Natural Hair Center

Haven Natural Hair Care Center . . .

The goal of this component is to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to generate revenue streams for and provide desired services to residents and the community in a comfortable and professional setting.

Professional Training Kitchen

Professional Training Kitchen

for food safety and handling training.

The Haven Training Kitchen . . .
The goal of this component is to provide hard and soft skills training in food handler safety; to introduce entrepreneurial opportunities and prepare interested residents for the Kentucky Food Handler Training & Manager Certification exams.
These service components are consciously designed to support a paradigm shift for transitioning women from charitable dependency to personal independence.

The intent of Nyleve’s Haven Female Empowerment Community is to:

Remove the desperation of poverty from a daughter’s life;

Provide creative opportunities for her to advance and succeed in life;


Reduce the likelihood of her qualifying for government assistance. 

How you can help me . . .

  • Pray.  I believe in the power of prayer to achieve positive results. Speak my name to God and pray me home to serve.
  • My Daughter‘s Foundation is in dire need of a professional level Windows desktop computer system and printer.
  • If you read this and think of someone who could help, please, send them a link to this Mobile Meditation and encourage them to make contact with me, Yejide, the Servant behind Nyleve’s Haven and Founder of My Daughter’s Foundation, Inc.
  • Leave your contact info in the comment section of any post on the Travel Log page of this site to be contacted when the fundraising campaign kicks off in the near future.

I Need and would appreciate YOUR help to live my dream and serve.